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    Myers Property – Backyard Landscaping

    The more the merrier in the Myers Backyard Landscaping. Grab the kids and the older folk, grab the burgers, appetites and bathing suits . . .  get ready to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor living rooms. Rooms you might wonder? Yes, it’s like stepping from one giant room to the next in this amazing landscape in Camas, Washington.

    The impressive gazebo is the ultimate in outdoor living rooms.  You can imagine a group camped out in front of the fireplace swapping stories as outdoor kitchen activities go on around them. The Komoda Joe smoker/grill is top of the line in outdoor ovens (backyard pizza, anyone?). Burgers and steaks take on enhanced flavor as they sizzle on the grill! Built-in counter space is every woman’s dream while providing perfect bar-dining. We all know people gather in the kitchen and this kitchen has ample room for everyone.

    Meander down and around into a nothing-quite-like-it firepit with seat walls.  It is a fabulous space of its own and many adults as well as children can find a cozy spot, sit a spell and get lost watching the fire pit flames. That is if they are not spa addicts! For those in any group who are drawn to water, this landscape has it all.  A natural built-in spa patio welcomes soaker enthusiasts!

    For kids and young adults, a sunken trampoline gets “oohs and ahhs” as young and old give it a try. Oh the thrill of a trampoline! It’s ageless! Close to the trampoline, a two-level child’s play structure top off the many attractions found in this family-friendly outdoor haven.

    Summit Oaks Estates, Camas, WA, 2015

    Property Features

    Custom Pools & Spas
    Outdoor Living Space
    Outdoor Surround Sound Audio
    Custom Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Fireplaces & Firepits