Chau Property #2 Happy Valley Oregon

    Modern Backyard | Sunken Firepit | Atrium Koi Pond

    This Modern Backyard & Koi Pond is a head turner. A modern landscape design with sunken firepit, out-of-this-world outdoor kitchen, pizza oven & bar, gorgeous lawn area with badminton court, spectacular atrium koi pond and . . . fun, functional modern furnishings. The design plan draws you in to be apart of the outdoor activities.

    Whoops, we can’t forget the cool little nook under a side Pergola. Family loungers, side tables w/drinks allow family get together’s under the sun. Bistro lights over the sunken firepit light up the space. The clean lines of the fireplace wall are perfect. Outstanding in the space, two ultra-mod circular swings. Whew! These modern backyard dynamics create a ‘rich & famous’ atmosphere. Select a beverage out of the refrigerator, take a seat at the monstrous bar and absorb the ambiance.

    Enjoy the before, during construction, and after photos shown here in this modern backyard. Perhaps some of the ideas will become some of your own . . .

    Chau Property 2020

    Bill Burk Photographer

    Before & After Video

    Property Features

    Custom Pool & Spa
    Ambiance & Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Living Space
    Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Water Features
    Outdoor Media & Entertainment