Nimmelman Property Zig Zag Oregon

    Nimmelman Property – Simple Cabin Landscaping

    The Nimmelman Property Simple Cabin Landscaping  is an escape from the ordinary.  We know you will enjoy touring this cabin landscape . . . and of course, day dreaming of one of your own. It is a retreat from the ordinary, a relaxing haven. Mesmerizing, it lulls your senses and asks you to sit a spell and bask in all around you. Or take a stroll through the winding forest paths to the river.

    Notice the many pathways winding you through and around the forest setting. From the driveway, out to the ample garage, round to the back porch, headed toward the firepit. The pathways take you to all destination spots in the landscape. If not there, imagine the soggy, shoe-soaking paths you’d have to etch on your own.

    Premier Backyard Living was thrilled to etch out a landscape design in this natural paradise. See what you think of it – we’re sure you will be like the rest of us who spent time here . . . repeatedly muttering, “someday.”

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    Property Features

    Custom Pools & Spas
    Outdoor Living Space
    Outdoor Surround Sound Audio
    Custom Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Fireplaces & Firepits