Outdoor Bar Ideas Camas Washington

    Outdoor Bar Ideas

    Outdoor Bar Ideas is an outdoor living, kitchen, and bar landscape from the Boaz family’s perspective. They had the idea to add a bar behind the firepit seatwall and together with the designers plan, they came up with a winner. Of course, you can’t deny the focal point fireplace as another standout. And, looking around at each feature individually as well as collectively – the space is exceptional.

    Having a kids-bar behind the firepit, in close proximity to the grill, kitchen counters and refrigerators is a win-win for the parents. Adding a couple bar-stools at the end of the kitchen bar-counter gives chefs and food prep workers a place to take a breather. Outdoor living is about R&R in the backyard, not slaves to the kitchen . . . so give your friends places to sit and revive themselves. (Add good food, drink, and company)

    The large and extraordinary firepit is a must-have for guests and family alike. These long seatwalls with seatbacks make extra room at any gathering. They can also be used to hold belongings. In this landscape, extra firepit chairs were added with side tables for beverages. The smores station is also a fun element. Don’t forget: cushy-comfy pillows & blankets for chilly nights – they’re always welcome.

    We love the skylights and high ceiling of the attached covered structure. Our homeowners chose to cover 1/2 the outdoor living space and leave the firepit side open for sunny days and star gazing at night. They felt a more open skyline would increase light to the home and also considered the family dog who likes to sun-bathe. Good Choice Boaz family.

    Happy Times to You all! Who knew when you were coming up with Outdoor Bar Ideas you’d imagine a sure-fire keeper!


    Camas 2020

    Designer: Pierson Conklin

    Photographer: Bill Burk/Burk Photography

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