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    Outdoor Living Room – Landscape Luxury and Laughs!

    Walking into this Outdoor Living Room landscape one can see it is loaded with STYLE.  These clever homeowners have a talent for décor that adds warmth and conveys hospitality. It will compel you to pull up a chair, grab a marshmallow fork and get to roasting.  Fun times ahead in this inviting setting.

    Because barbequing was a family favorite, especially with the man of the house having serious GRILL SKILLS . . . they decided to take it to the next level with a landscape design plan from Premier Backyard Living. Instead of a grill out the back door, they settled on an Entertainment Gazebo . . . An outdoor living room with grill and kitchen included. Now this family of five enjoys Dad’s gourmet grilling while basking in house-matching comfort. (Thanks, Mom!)

    For the kids at heart, a firepit sits a hop, skip, and a jump from the above ground spa. Take a long relaxing soak or reflect and poke at the fire. Or do both, there is nothing like enjoying fire and water under the stars.

    One of the landscape highlights: the bubbler water feature with its frog serenade . . . the frogs rich variety of sounds, calls, and songs is seriously cheerful! It brings a smile to your face or in some instances; the kids clap their hands over their ears as if tortured, pretty hilarious!

    Bethany Neighborhood, 2016

    Property Features

    Landscape Lighting

    Fire Pit

    Water Feature
    Outdoor Living Space