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    Outdoor Patio Design – ‘Wood Always Looks Good’

    Most agree that natural wood looks good year-round which is a thumbs up for the Fulk Property Outdoor Patio Design. On a base of Belgard hardscape pavers, beautiful teak wood furnishings set-off the surrounding greenery, bringing the living space to life. Add the ambiance of lanterns and lighting …  and voila, a ‘wood always looks good’ landscape design.

    Our focused homemaker loves the natural, rustic look of teak making it her top choice for outdoor furnishings. She especially likes its high content of naturally occurring oils which serves as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing. However, she is meticulous with furniture coverings to ensure their beauty year after year.

    Notice the unique bar near the grill island. The man of the house created this savvy wood-matching piece. It is perfect with its matching stools. By adding outside speakers to hear the game – he can view the big screen directly inside! Now he can man the Bar-B-Que while watching the game – bonus!

    With many sitting areas throughout the landscape, it’s anyone’s choice. Lounge in the sun with a full view of the property, grab a melty-marshmallow treat around the inviting firepit, or find a cozy niche near the waterfall feature under the amazing gazebo.

    We like your outdoor living space ‘look’ Fulks! To your many woodsy days and years ahead!


    Nicole Court
    Before & During Landscape Construction