Bissell Property West Linn Oregon

    The Bissell Landscape Outdoor Pool

    The Bissell Landscape Outdoor Pool is a perfect family landscape. Why? Let’s dangle a few of its unique features before your eyes to find out? Take a walk through these extended living rooms where both fun, as well as function, make up the outdoor reverie they provide. You’ll be pleasantly lost in relaxation.

    Check out the amazing design and how well it comes together. Notice the Portland view from their backyard overlooking the city. Look over the before and during photos and see the transformation.

    Select your favorite spot to retreat or join family and friends around the fireplace or firepit. Late night swim, soak in the spa? Candlelight dinner for two? Or gather with guests around the circular grill. . . fondue anyone? Perhaps a beer at the bar while taking in the game or grab a closer proximity to the TV under the gazebo.

    This perfect landscape is unlike what most of us imagine a backyard can ever be.  It takes insight and a plan. A Premier Backyard Living design plan that is!

    Nice job, Bissell family!