Anderson Property Beaverton Oregon

    Family Outside Kitchen

    With a relaxing sigh one gets ready to bask in pure enjoyment  . . . into a perfect outdoor living space with Outside Kitchen. Choosing which cozy nook is the only question. A seat in front of the mesmerizing firepit, a tranquil soak in the spa, or grabbing a bar stool near the water feature to watch the game . . . with so many options in a compact back yard, this family retreat is a excellent example of an extended living space a few steps from the interior.

    In a world with work schedules and athletic schedules, this busy family created their backyard retreat to have more relaxing time together. Being able to entertain family and friends in a variety of ways was so much more appealing than the usual group around a television in the family room. Outdoors in the fresh air, their retreat offers different choices. The guys can talk shop, the ladies can soak up the sun or be master chefs, and the kids can get water logged until their skin wrinkles in the hot tub!

    This busy family is thrilled with their new outdoor living space and are building a treasure house of memories . . .

    Cedar Hills/Cedar Mill neighborhood of Beaverton, OR

    Property Features

    Custom Pools & Spas
    Outdoor Living Space
    Outdoor Surround Sound Audio
    Custom Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Fireplaces & Firepits