Blume Property Oregon City Oregon

    Tranquility Central for a little Ambiance Overload

    Join this fun-filled family who love their new backyard living space. Tour the transformed property, sneak a peek at the ‘before’ & ‘during construction’ photos and be dazzled by the3D Designs our talented design team worked-up for the space.

    Chose your best destination in this cozy backyard makeover. Perhaps near the firepit, where Asian-style shrubs & plantings provide “Backdrop for Deep Relaxation.” Or how about Appy’s on the upper patio?  Dine(Chow-Down), surrounded by ageless plants, Dio root, Maggy, and Moso Bamboo . . . in an incredible garden-scape atmosphere.

    Some might prefer a rejuvenating soak in the Spa.  The lower patio specializes in tranquility & lightheartedness.  Nothing like languorous-laughter to complete the Ambiance Overload this incredible living space boasts. (Boy, that sentence was a mouthful, eh?)  Choose a rocker, lounger, or seat at the spa bar to exchange heart-to-heart life stories with hard-core spa soakers. And we all know laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good vibes.

    Don’t miss the vertical planters, lanterns, walkways, and everyone’s favorite – the utility outpost. These homeowners love this functional garbage can hideaway.

    Thanks for joining us –

    Blume Property, Oregon City, 2022

    Photographer: Bill Burk

    Property Features

    Custom Pool & Spa
    Ambiance & Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Living Space
    Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Water Features
    Outdoor Media & Entertainment