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    Backyard Pool Party

    Ever thought about having a pool landscape? An outdoor living space whose focal point was an amazing pool, waterfall, and hidden slide with a hot tub thrown in? Our homeowners dreamed about it, then they created it. Once finished they had a Backyard Pool Party and invited friends, neighbors, and family to enjoy it. Fun-in-the-sun times were had by all.

    Oops they did it again

    5-Years later they did it again. No not another pool landscape, but another backyard pool party! Second verse same as the first – A Pool Party 5-Yr Reunion. Premier Backyard Living Exterior Design was there to show-off the ‘That-Was-Then…This-Is-Now’ landscape evolution, feature face-lifts, and maturing of some of the kids – (& age progression of adults too).

    So grab your floaties and dive in . . . let’s get this party started!


    Improvements were made to the outdoor kitchen and dining area. Extra counter space via a large bar, 3 extra grills, an ice maker, a 2nd fridge, roll away island with cupboards for storage, wall shelves for dishware . . . and did I say counters? Just kidding – but counter space is so important and nobody ever talks about it. Notice the counter space in Pool Party One versus Pool Party Two. People need space to put there stuff down. If you don’t have a place for their belongings, they end up everywhere. (usually on any empty counter) Counters rocks to serve food, beverages, and to put your elbows on the bar! At an outdoor bar you want counter space – elbow room… got it? (mini-lecture, whoops I mean tip over!) Talk to your designer when creating your design plan.

    This landscape is max-gorgeous with its wonderland of flowers and plantings. The charming lady of the house has 2 green thumbs and is ever planting, watering, and loving her hours of flowers . . . whew, hours of work to most of us . . .

    Another cool feature the family added was a sauna. this is a man of the house fav for escape and R&R. Another add-on – an easy glide zip shade. Push of a button shade automatically lowers when guests are feeling the intense sun or if rain is crashing the party. BTW, the shade still needs a human to push the button but I’m sure there’s a way to get it voice activated!

    So dive into these portfolio photos to see the changes in landscape and people alike. 5 year updates don’t come around very often . . . it’s a fun story-line idea in a show & tell landscape design.

    5-Yr Reunion Pool Party – Happy Valley

    Photographer: Bill Burk

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