Kent Property Aurora Oregon

    Riverview Landscape Entertainment Masterpiece

    This truly remarkable and serene property along the Willamette River seems to be one of quiet seclusion, surrounded by nature’s beauty and the calming presence of the river. Here’s a breakdown of the features: 

    • Location: The home is situated in a unique and special area of the Willamette River. It’s quiet and tranquil surroundings set it apart, and the fact that there’s only one way in and out of the street adds to the sense of privacy. 
    • Outdoor Spaces: The property boasts a variety of outdoor living spaces that are perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The upper and lower decks provide vantage points to enjoy the scenery and river views. The paver patio with its elegant stairs leading to the lawn creates a graceful transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. 
    • River Frontage: With 150 feet of river frontage, the property offers direct access to the river. A newer boat dock likely provides a convenient spot for water-based activities and relaxation by the water’s edge. 
    • Outdoor Entertainment: The two-room living space equipped with a kitchen and a popular bar area is designed for hosting gatherings. The expansive dining table provides ample seating for meals and get-togethers. An outdoor living room complete with a fireplace and television creates an inviting atmosphere for socializing or enjoying outdoor leisure. 
    • Cozy Ambiance: The overall design of the property seems to emphasize comfort and coziness. This is evident from the description of the living spaces, including the use of fireplaces and comfortable seating areas. 
    • Built-In Spa: The presence of a built-in spa adds a touch of luxury and relaxation to the property. This feature likely enhances the overall experience and provides an opportunity for unwinding. 
    • Sunken Firepit: An incredible sunken firepit likely serves as a focal point for gatherings and evening enjoyment. It’s a wonderful addition that complements the outdoor entertainment options. 
    • This property offers a blend of natural beauty, outdoor living spaces, and carefully designed features that create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The picturesque setting along the Willamette River, combined with the thoughtful outdoor remodel and amenities, makes it sound like a true haven for relaxation and memorable experiences. 

    The picturesque setting along the Willamette River, combined with the thoughtful outdoor remodel and amenities, became a true haven for relaxation, entertaining and memorable experiences. 

    Kent Property, Aurora, Oregon 2023

    Photographer: Bill Burk

    Property Features

    Custom Pool & Spa
    Ambiance & Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Living Space
    Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Water Features
    Outdoor Media & Entertainment