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    Garden Design For Small Yards

    We love this Garden Design For Small Yards. A landscape waterfall – swing are the highlights in this landscape design. When this delightful homeowner in Lake Oswego met with our design team she had a naturalistic look in mind. She liked the look of an English cottage garden. The backyard had a tight space so our designer added the use of privacy screens to give her privacy from the neighbors.  In a few years, the screens planted with different varieties of clematis will be covered with a tapestry of colorful blooms in the summer, like a living wall.

    She also wanted some raised beds, so they are integrated in the sunny areas and match the look of the trellis walls. The plantings are not that visible yet, but there are many blooming shrubs, small trees and perennials that will create more of a naturalistic cottage garden look. The water fall feature also follows the naturalistic theme, and creates privacy by drowning out the noise of the surrounding neighborhood.  Hanging from the limb of a majestic corner tree, a pleasant touch is a wooden swing with towering rope handles.

    Lake Oswego/West Linn Neighborhood, 2015

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