Oregon boasts one of the most diverse variety of landscapes in the nation. We have cities, beaches, mountains, deserts, forests…you name it, Oregon has it! By living here in Portland, your home sits smack dab in the middle of these landscapes and therefore has the ability to reflect your choice of these themes. There are hundreds of mediums and ideas when it comes to redesigning your landscape.


Pavers are a flat stone used to create any surface area in your landscape. You can use them to create a driveway, a patio or a walkway. As there are hundreds of varieties of colors and patterns of paver stones, every paver creation is the unique. A properly installed paver driveway, patio, or walkway won’t crack, sag, shift, or separate. It will continue looking magnificent for generations, and if it ever becomes stained or marred by paint or oil it can be repaired quickly, easily and invisibly. Individual pavers can be replaced with matching ones so that the surface looks exactly as it did before the accident occurred.

Water Features

Possibly the most popular of all landscape aspects here in the North West, a water feature can add serenity and joy to your home. A properly designed and installed water feature or pond can mimic the beauty and sound found in the many streams and creeks in Oregon and Washington. Not only will it be a delight to look at, listening to it has the ability to melt any stress away.

Custom Wood Structures

Using wood as a medium is one of the most simple ways to create both privacy and beauty. Wooden privacy screens and fences allow you to enjoy your landscape privately and quietly. Arbors, trellises and gazebos not only provide hundreds of more planting options, but they also add texture and variety to your view.

Retaining Walls

Portland’s rolling hills add to the unique beauty of our area. However, when those rolling hills end up in your landscape, it is difficult to find the beauty. A solid retaining wall eliminates slope in your yard and provides you with a level surface on which to enjoy your landscape. There are several different kinds of materials to choose from when it comes to retaining walls. Natural stone is by far the most visually appealing. And within that medium, there are several different styles. Dry set rock wall, mortared stone wall, thin split rock wall, “A” split rock wall, and many more. With natural stone retaining walls the color and texture options are almost endless. Other retaining wall options include brick, concrete, concrete block, or even a blend of two for strength and beauty.


Decks offer you a venue on which to enjoy your landscape. You can choose either a wood deck or composite decking. Wood decking is a bit more economical, where composite decking will take less maintenance over the years. A properly built and well designed deck offers a focal point and gives direction to any landscape.


Irrigation may seem silly in our wet climate, but there is no weather pattern that can beat the efficiency of an irrigation system. A properly installed irrigation system will save you time and money and will make sure your landscape is kept at its greenest all year-round.

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