Property Reveal – Summer 2017

Design Reveal – Summer 2017

Happy Summer – Enjoy our latest Landscape Design Reveal. It’s a compact yard with a great Look!

Outdoor Recipe For A Happy Life

Take 2 parents, 2 kids, 1 family pet and a new outdoor living space… mix them together to create a recipe for a happy summer and a happy life.

Hemmed in by an eclectic mix of fun neighboring homes in the Hollywood District of Portland, this family of four needed a backyard facelift. (See before Photos) Going through the Premier Backyard Living portfolio, the Watson Property caught their eye; it too being a Hollywood home a few short blocks from their own. Collaborating with the PR Design Team, the design plan (recipe) was formulated.

A focal point seatwall extends the length of the living space, from spa to flower beds. By dividing it up into numerous sitting areas, it offers a variety of gathering spots while staying connected. The Standing Bar at the top of the double-steps staircase has a bird’s eye view. The firepit and spa offer fire and water elements throughout the seasons, while each side yard boasts the luxury of turf . . . for kid’s and dog play!

And the wonderful thing about this outdoor recipe for a happy summer . . .  it comes around every year – now that sounds like the ingredients for a happy life.

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