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It’s a big yes from the Outdoor Living Guy and the rest of the crew at Premier Backyard Living Landscaping & Exterior Design. Why not “Light Up Your Life?” I’m sure we all can remember family get-togethers at parks with huge covered structures . . . the food on picnic tables under the cover . . . and most of us standing outside in the sun. Large rooms and covered structures need light. So . . . should I add a Skylight to my Covered Room? A big thumbs up and here’s why.

Skylights in Attached Covered Structures:

#1) Add extra daylight.
#2) Allow natural light – especially during seasonal months with shorter hours of sunlight
#3) Energy efficient 
#4) Attractive architectural interest from inside and outside
#5) Help people with seasonal effective disorder
#6) Provide day lighting, ventilation, and a view
#7) Bring natural light into the center of large areas
#8) Show case the Stars

Yes or No?

The Outdoor Living Guy gives you his thumbs up – even more so if you are considering an attached covered outdoor living space. Great timing to get this feedback as Skylights are making a comeback!

What about placement for your Skylight?

You are using your skylights to add natural light so close to windows and doors on the inside of the covered structure. Again, it is your personal preference but your designer is an expert – ask for some tips.

What size should the Skylights be?

You may decide on 2×2’s or 2×4’s or even larger, depends on the size of your room and your personal taste. Ask your designer’s opinion and ask for a 3D design to get a bird’s eye view.

Is there maintenance involved?

Spring cleaning? Sure – most household upkeep needs a yearly check-up or once over. Especially with skylights if there is any accumulated debris. Maintenance allows for trouble-free views of sky and stars so think of them as you would a picture window.

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