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Best-Ever Outdoor Living Ideas

Who better than the Outdoor Living Guy to give you the Best-Ever Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas? He’s lived and breathed it for 26 years transforming outdoor spaces in backyards all over the Portland metropolitan area. Micah Dennis and his design team have also helped homeowners across the nation and in other countries with innovative 3-D backyard designs. After all, they are  EXPERTS IN DESIGN.

Spring is right around the corner and if an outdoor living makeover is in your immediate future, we are glad you are here for some Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas.

Considering a Small Backyard Covered Patio?

To start we’ll go to a project (one of my favorites to show) because the Shrivers were dead-set on having us build an attached-structure to the house believing it was the solution to a covered patio for a small landscape. I recommended a detached-structure (gazebo for small patio) to make sure enough light was part of the new outdoor living area encouraging them to consider a detached structure with a fireplace wall for privacy on the border of the fence. For code, it had to be 5 feet away from the fence, but it allowed us to push out while maximizing space in this small area.

We also added other features – the golf green along the side yard, the barbeque & the bar making a dual destination with the dining table. The breezeway pergola feels like an attached structure while allowing the light to seemingly enlarge the structure.

Small & Cozy

When talking about small patio covers, you can’t get smaller than our second example of a covered patio in the courtyard. That’s the beauty of these patio covers – they provide a cool aesthetic with function and in this case the ability to barbecue in all weather. Nice use of space Torres family. We took the original backdoor covered space and combined it with the barbeque a-frame covered structure. We put built-in benches around the firepit a built-in-post-bar as another destination and a wrap-around bench seat in the corner. This is a great little idea for a small backyard-covered structure.

You’ll love this next example of a very small backyard kitchen/bar patio with an attached covered structure. We took there extremely small-covered space that came with the built home and built a covered patio with a fireplace small area wall for privacy. It became the TV & Entertaining spot. Then we added a bump out – a Gable style structure (gazebo for small landscape) with barbeque Kitchen-Bar island. This bar has spots for 7-8 seats. I can’t understate the importance of adding a bar to a small space. An outdoor bar, even in a small space is a wonderful destination as you can see here and the Brehm’s thought so too!

See the 3-D Design examples shown in the video of covered patio small space ideas. Good design for your outdoor space is important. You’re investing time, money, and energy and the last thing you’d want is to select the wrong space for a structure or a structural mistake in the process. By having a cover for a small patio design you’ll be able to make sure all is right. Please contact us if you need some help.

Enjoy all the ideas in this video and/or see over 145 properties in our portfolio  Would you like a  Complimentary Consultation? A zoom meeting with Micah Dennis, the CEO could get all your questions answered enabling you to proceed with confidence. Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks Guys!  And thanks for joining us for Small Landscape Covered Patio Ideas

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