Best Vacation During Covid – Your Backyard!

Where you gonna go during Covid? Why not a vacation in your backyard? We know the best vacation during covid – your backyard. Let’s start this video with the Roscoe Backyard Landscape Design – A staycation vacation spot – Ask the Outdoor Living Guy, Micah Dennis . . .

Trading Hawaii For Backyard Living

“This is our staycation backyard landscape design” jests the Lady of this outdoor living space…. “We’re giving up a few vacations to Hawaii but we already know it is worth it . . . we spend all of our time out here now.” And so they did. Speculating on the year round enjoyment they would have with an outdoor living space, they had the Premier Backyard Living design team put a design plan together. 
PRE-COVID – This happy family loves their outdoor living space complete with kitchen bar island, wrap around seatwall firepit, focal point fireplace, and putting green. With a pergola designed breezeway to the gazebo, the custom wood structure is the perfect extension of their indoor grand room.. Once the design plan was in place, the man of the house immediately invested in his quality outdoor television. A must have for these Timbers’ fans . . . who if miss being at the game, it’s on view from every spot in the landscape.

And the Missus was a big part of the design plan. The size and shape of the property was a consideration as well as the neighboring homes who had a birds-eye view into the landscape. Both homeowners had a share in their ‘staycation’ must haves . . . You can be sure this landscape was the Best Vacation During Covid.

Tuscan Style

With so many destination spots in this backyard makeover, it’s your choice. Like a vacation in your backyard. Want a happy hour appetizer? How ’bout crusty ciabatta dipped into lushious oil & vinegar. Take your seat at the outdoor bar to enjoy a glass of vino while streaming a TV program. Sports anyone? Or are you more of a couch lounger? Grab a friend to chit-chat near the fireplace wall.
Kids, head for the firepit! Popcorn, smores, beverages! Fun for all. Don’t fill up too much on junk food! Dinner is grilling! We love the grill island with extra counter space for ease of cooking, finagling plates and utensils. This out-of-the-way grill area is an outdoor kitchen daydream. Imagine being able to get-down-to-cooking a few steps away and still be covered?
 The appliances in this kitchen are phenomenal. Fridge, freezer, wine cooler, trash compactor . . . did I get them all? Oh yah, the kitchen sink is a must have outdoors. While entertaining A SMALL GROUP OF FRIENDS or just a quiet meal with family, having convenience at your fingertips makes all the difference.


Landscape renovations are becoming like a vacation during covid 2020. Outdoor Living Spaces offering comforting TLC combined with elaborate living. And this landscape design is all that and more! Your first step into this entryway and you’ll be smitten. A breathtaking water feature with sheer descent spouts fall into modern square ponds. Paired with a contemporary firepit, the front courtyard is a design masterpiece. 
Want privacy and a view? Walk down wrap-around-stone-steps over a view-nook built into the hillside. This nook is a cozy destination for one or more to enjoy looking out over the city.

Destination Filled Landscape

This landscape is filled with private spots to head off to. Want Appy’s? Take your hunger to the grill right off the outdoor living room. Grab your favorite finger food and choose your best spot. Head for the bar table for 2 with a view, or plank yourself in front of the outdoor TV to watch the game. Want to sunbathe and hang with the puppies? You got it!
In addition to all these incredible elements, step up the spiral staircase to top off your day with a fantastic view of the City of Portland.


Your Backyard Covid Vacation Spot – Take a small-square-woodsy-backyard, add a design by Premier Backyard Living’s expert designers, an amazing crew of artisan craftsman . . . and voila, a double sided outdoor fireplace courtyard is created!
We love the cozy comfort this contemporary-feel landscape exudes. It’s clean lines help everyday anxiety slip away in simplicity. Simple and yet with many destinations spots to choose from. The star, a double-sided fireplace wall with an outdoor kitchen, spectator bar, & TV-loungers on one side with a cushy outdoor living room on the other side. Another feature is the wrap-around-post bistro bar that allows chatting with friends on both side of the double fireplace. It’s such a cool addition.
Let’s not forget the firepit area with it’s dynamic drawing power! With bistro lights highlighting the fun-filled space, imagine you and your friends snuggled around the toasty wood-fire..

Thank you for Joining Premier Backyard Living

We hope you see why we feel Vacation During Covid in Your Backyard is so important. We especially enjoy the people behind the projects – the relationships we build with the homeowners. Thank you for joining us . . . Micah Dennis –

For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio  Visit our YouTube ChannelComplimentary Consultation? You got it!

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Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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