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Covered Patio Ideas

Wanna know how to Create the BEST Landscape in the Neighborhood? Welcome to Covered Patio Ideas! Where you will see how to create the best Landscape in the Neighborhood. (START TO FINISH) Not only does it share the before photos, design plan,  during construction, and finished landscape . . . you’ll hear the homeowners viewpoint along the way.  With out

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Landscape Design

Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it . . . Everyone’s taking it outside! Picking out the best Landscape Design for their backyard space in every size, style, and feature imaginable. Outdoor living has become another room of the house in a BIG way. Some keep the aesthetic flowing from indoors to out, some change it up. It all starts

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How to Handle Slopes in your Landscaping

Innovative Strategies for Retaining Walls How to Handle Slopes in your Landscaping . . . Retaining walls. Yes, but there are other ways to handle slopes in you landscape. You will be surprised at how interesting and important these retaining wall methods can be. The primary purpose of these sturdy structures is to prevent soil erosion and effectively hold back

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Indoor Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Guy | Everything Related to Outdoor Living Spaces Gone, gone, gone are backyards of old . . . and I should know ‘cuz I’m a oldie. Yep, backyards were ‘kids playgrounds’ with lawns, flower beds, bushes to hide & seek in, and our parents maintaining them . . . and why? To stare out the window at them.

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