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Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas)

Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas) Hello everyone, Micah, Outdoor Living Guy, I’m standing under a pergola in this video and my little Tuesday tip is all about Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas) – why you should have them, where you should put them, and then how you can add style to the pergola.  Enjoy these Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas):   PUT A

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Backyard Shade

Getting Your Shade On We’ve all been there – yep, when we can’t take another minute of direct sunlight on our tender skin. Ouch – burn’t skin hurts! Where ya gonna go? We all head for Shade!  It’s good old summertime and that comes with . . . you scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream – AND

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Outdoor Living Design Reveal – 2017 – James

Outdoor Living Design Reveal – 2017 – James Welcome to an Outdoor Living design reveal in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland. These prominent homes overlooking the city wind through the hills displaying striking house fronts. It’s fun to drive by them to see the many styles, interesting architecture, the old, new and grand designs.  It makes you wonder what the backyards are like.  That’s why this

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